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Micro PMT module



The H14066 is a high sensitivity photosensor modules that contain a micro PMT, a voltage divider circuit and a highvoltage power supply circuit. This module pin output type can board mounting, which can be easily operated with a low voltage supply.

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Dimensional outline


  Description / Value Unit
Spectral response 300 to 650 nm
Peak sensitivity wavelength 420 nm
Photocathode Material Bialkali -
Effective area 4(X) × 1(Y) mm
Window material Borosilicate glass -
Dynode number of stages 10 -
Input voltage +4.75 to +5.25 V
Maximum input voltage +5.5 V
Maximum input current (*1) 5 mA
Maximum average output signal current 5 μA
Maximum control voltage +1.15 V
Recommended control voltage adjustment range +0.5 to +1.0 V
Control voltage input impedance 1
Cathode Luminous sensitivity Min. 70 μA/lm
Typ. 100 μA/lm
Blue sensitivity index (CS 5-58) Typ. 11.5 -
Radiant sensitivity(*2) Typ. 93 mA/W
Anode Luminous sensitivity(*3) Min. 30 A/lm
Typ. 200 A/lm
Radiant sensitivity(*2)(*3) Typ. 1.9 × 105 A/W
Dark current (*3)(*4) Typ. 0.3 nA
Max. 3 nA
Time response Rise time Typ. 1.2 ns
Gain Typ. 2.0 × 106 -
Ripple noise(*3)(*5) (peak to peak) Max. 0.3 mV
Settling time(*6) Max. 10 s
Operating ambient temperature 7(*7) +5 to +50
Storage temperature(*7) -20 to +50
Weight 10 g

*1 At +5V input voltage and +1.0 V control voltage in darkness
*2 Measured at the peak sensitivity wavelength
*3 +0.9 V control voltage 4After 30 minutes storage in darkness.
*4 After 30 minutes storage in darkness.
*5 Cable RG-174/U, Cable length 450 mm, Load resistance=1 MΩ, Load capacitance=22 pF
*6 The time required for the output to reach a stable level following a change in the control voltage from +1.0 V to + 0.5 V.
*7 No condensation

Dimensional outline (Unit mm)

dimensional outline

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