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We provide a variety of glass products using our experience and established glass processing technology. We can also create custommade products. For over 50 years we have manufactured glass vacuum devices such as photomultiplier tubes, which require special quartz glass processing,high accuracy, optical polish, etc. We have applied this extensive experience and knowledge to manufacturing flow cells.

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High dimensional accuracy: Minimum tolerance : +/- 0.005 mm
Available in various shapes (polishing, grinding, gas processing, lens bonding)
Materials: Synthetic quartz, black quartz, etc.
Custom products with sample inlet/outlet mechanism available


Type No. Material Flow channel size (mm) Note
J11020-000-001 Synthetic silica □0.25 ± 0.025 Standard type. Suitable flow channel for detecting minute particles.
J11020-000-002 Synthetic silica □0.25 ± 0.025 Grinded type. Standard type with cylindrical grinding.
J11020-000-003 Synthetic silica □0.25 ± 0.025 Standard type flow cell with a synthetic silica hemisphere lens attached by UV glue.
J11020-000-006 Synthetic silica*1
Synthetic black quartz
□1.0 ± 0.025 Synthetic black quartz glass type. Less stray light and low fluorescence from material.

*1 Index of refraction of synthetic silica: nC (656 nm) 1.456, nd (587 nm) 1.458, nF (486 nm) 1.463

Dimensional outlines (Unit mm)




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