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S2D2 module



The S2D2 compact deuterium lamp is a UV point light source with a drastically reduced size compared to ordinary deuterium lamps. Despite a compact body, the S2D2 lamp has the same high stability as conventional deuterium lamps and a unique electrode structure that delivers high luminance. This compact size of the S2D2 module makes it easy to install in all types of equipment. The dedicated lamp housing and power supply are designed to extract maximum performance from the S2D2 lamp.

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World smallest(*) deuterium lamp as point light source

(*) By our research (as of March 2010)

Easy installation due to compact size

High Stability: Fluctuation 0.005 % p-p (Typ.) ==> Equivalent to 2x10-5 A.U.

External Control

High-output continuous spectrum in UV region

Low power consumption



Environmental Measurement

Absorption Spectrum Measurement

Micro Titer Plate Reader

Pharmaceutical Testing

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

Biological Measurement

Semiconductor Inspection

Optical Component Inspection

Usage example


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