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Pulsed fiber laser



Femtosecond pulse laser with outstanding cost performance with in-house production of key components. An average output power of 2 W is achieved with a pulse width of 200 femtoseconds or less. In addition, both the oscillator and amplifier sections are composed of polarization-maintaining fibers, making them high stability and compact with fewer space transmission parts in the laser.

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  • 1030 nm ultrashort pulse fiber laser
  • Oscillators and amplifiers composed of all-polarization-maintaining fibers
  • Compact size with integrated control driver (AC adapter driven)
  • Air cooling control
  • Use of LDs, optical fibers and others with in-house production.


  • Two-photon excitation fluorescence imaging
  • Time-resolved spectrometry

Applications of two-photon excitation microscopy

Configuration example


Imaging example


Cross-sectional images of MCD-7 spheroidsusing two-photon excitation microscopy

Fixed brain slice sample images using two-photon excitation spinning disk microscopy


60 % thiodiethanol solution-immersed Thy1-YFP-H mouse brain slices were observed by two-photon excitedspinning disc confocal microscopy.
Field of view 180 μm × 180 μm, depth 200 μm.

Data provided by:
Mr. Mitsutoshi Ataka, Assistant Professor Kohei Otomo (Research Institute for ElectronicScience, Hokkaido University, National Institute of Natural Science.). Professor Tomomi Nemoto (ResearchInstitute for Electronic Science Laboratory of Celluer and Molecular Biophysics)


Model no. L15208-01
Wavelength 1030 nm
Average output power 2 W
Repetition rate 40 MHz
Pulse width (FWHM) 200 fs
Output type Free space 
Polarization Linear (vertical)
Beam diameter (1/e2) <1 mm

* This light source is designed for installation. When using the product, evaluate the safety performance of the entire device and take appropriate measures.

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