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LIGHTNINGCURE Linear irradiation type UV-LED unit

LC-L5G series


UV-LED light sources have many kinds of applications including UV bonding and ink drying. Along with high output, all LC-L5G UV-LED units now employ an "air cooling scheme" developed by our own technology. Besides offering the highest power output in its class unmatchable by metal-halide lamps and other UV-LED light sources, this air cooling scheme eliminates having to install chiller equipment, minimizing the initial introduction costs and the space (footprint) required for installation. Hamamatsu provides a diverse LC-L5G product lineup to match your application and offers an LC-L5G that will prove the optimal choice for your particular needs.

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UV Curing (Ink Drying)

UV inkjet printers
UV seal & label printing
UV offset equipment

UV Curing (Coating Agent Drying)

Printed circuit board protective films
IC cards & IC tag coatings
Blu-ray/DVD media coatings
Furniture & building materials (walls, floors, etc.) / woodworking applications

Fluorescence Excitation / Scrach & Flaw Inspection Lighting

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