DIVISIONAL REVIEWElectron Tube Division (Electron Tube Segment)For over 60 years, Hamamatsu Photonics has developed and manufactured photomultiplier tubes (PMTs). This technology continues to evolve today at the Electron Tube Division, one of the company’s primary manufacturing divisions. The Electron Tube Division also develops and manufactures a variety of products for use in medical applications, chemical analysis, measurement, industrial testing, and academic research. These products include PMTs, electron multipliers, microchannel plates, image intensiers, X-ray products, and a wide variety of light sources. In scal year 2015, sales of these products accounted for 40.4% of the company’s total revenue.Sales of PMTsSales of PMTs fell in oil-well logging applications in the measuring instrument eld following the drop in oileld development investment, but sales for environmental analysis remained brisk in the analysis sector. In addition, in the medical eld, sales for inspection and monitoring systems such as blood analyzers expanded steadily, mainly in overseas markets, thanks to these products’ strong reputation for highly sensitive, high-speed operations. Sales for nuclear medicine applications such as Positron Emission Tomography (PET) also trended solidly, and consequently sales of PMTs rose.Sales of imaging devices and light sourcesIn imaging devices and light sources, sales of Microfocus X-ray light sources for non-destructive testing in the industrial eld remained steady in Europe and Japan, thanks to these products’ strong reputation for high-denition, high reliability and excellent stability for inline application at production processes. In addition, sales of our Stealth Dicing Engine for high-speed, high-quality silicon wafer dicing and of UV-LED light sources for highly accurate bonding of large-scale panels rose higher as well, and as a result, sales of imaging devices and light sources increased.In total, the Electron Tube business comprised of PMTs and imaging devices and light sources closed the scal year 2015 with net sales of JPY 48,706 million, up by 6.9% from the previous year.Large-diameter PMTsUV-LED light sources6



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