RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENTWith decades of accumulated expertise in the development of photonic technologies to rely upon, Hamamatsu Photonics conducts basic research to discover new knowledge and create new industries in the elds of biotechnology, medicine, information technology, communications, energy, materials, astronomy, and agriculture. We also strive to continuously develop exciting new products and enhance existing products with added functionality. In scal year 2015, funds allocated to research and development totaled JPY 11,615 million, an increase of 5.8% over the previous scal year. Some highlights of our R&D efforts are presented here. Basic researchPhoton bioassay system to evaluate the toxicity of chemical substances in a rapid and simple procedureIn the biotechnology sector, we are pursuing research for the practical application of a photon bioassay system(*1). This system evaluates the toxicity of a target chemical substance by detecting and measuring the faint light emitted by algae when mixed with a solution of that substance, and currently we have created a practical, easy-to-use experimental procedure utilizing a test kit that uses algae cells as a reagent. As a result, the cultivation and maintenance of algae cells required for testing can be greatly simplied, making it feasible to achieve high-quality toxicity assessments in less time and at lower cost. In the future, this system is expected to nd uses in water quality management through the measurement of contaminants such as factory efuents, and contribute to the development of agrochemicals, detergents and other products with a smaller negative environmental impact.PMT-80°C storageFrozen algae (test kit)Homogenous algaeSteps of the photon bioassayPre-cultivationCultivation within 24 hoursAdd sample to be testedHigh-sensitivity light detectorAlgae luminescence as captured by a high-sensitivity camera(*1)This technology was developed in collaboration with the National Institute for Environmental Studies.8



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