Photon Terrace teaches the mysteries of lightThe United Nations declared 2015 the International Year of Light (IYL) in recognition of the importance of light-based technologies to the development of society. The declaration was made to raise awareness about how light is used in diverse elds (including medicine, energy, IT, and astronomy) as well as to promote various activities related to light.In support of the IYL, Hamamatsu launched an educational website called Photon Terrace for school children and the general public to learn more about the fascinating nature of light. The site covers topics such as the fundamental properties of light, the history of research about light, and how light technologies are used in our daily lives.New building for PMT productionAt Toyooka Factory, a new building was constructed to consolidate the production lines for head-on PMTs. The building will also be used for R&D of new products, as well as the manufacturing of PMTs for large-scale detectors of neutrinos and other subatomic particles. It provides added capacity for revenue growth on the scale of JPY 10 billion.Scan this QR code to view Photon Terrace on your smartphoneHome page Photon TerraceExterior view of new building11Annual Report 2015



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