RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENTWith decades of accumulated expertise in the development of photonic technologies to rely upon, Hamamatsu Photonics conducts basic research to discover new knowledge and create new industries in the elds of biotechnology, medicine, information technology, communications, energy, materials, astronomy, and agriculture. We also strive to continuously develop exciting new products and enhance existing products with added functionality. In scal year 2016, funds allocated to research and development totaled JPY 11,873 million, an increase of 2.2% over the previous scal year. Some highlights of our R&D efforts are presented here. Basic researchImaging of circulating tumor cells with quantitative phase microscopyIn the medical care sector, the development of technology to capture images of cancer cells in blood is moving forward through applications of the quantitative phase microscopy technology developed by the Company(*1). As cancer progresses, cancer metastasis occurs when some cancer cells are carried by the ow of blood, circulating within the body until they are carried to other internal organs. Through the application of its quantitative phase microscopy technology to examine the cancer cells circulating in blood, the Company has established the basic three-dimensional imaging technology for measuring these cancer cells without staining or destroying them. This technology offers a promising methodology for selecting and recovering cancer cells in vivo with minimal damage to the cells. The technology also enables examination of cancer lesion presence and cancer states through blood collection, without the need to insert a needle into the cancer lesion and gather cells. Because of these characteristics, the technology is expected to contribute to early cancer diagnosis and tailor-made medical treatment for each patient, including projection of the danger of a post-operation recurrence, evaluation of condition during treatment, and projection of receptivity to anti-cancer drugs. Basic concept of label-free nondestructive 3D imaging of circulating tumor cellsBlood sampleLaser light (A)Transmitted light (A')CameraLaser light (A)In the blood sample, rare circulating tumor cells can be found as the patient’s cancer progresses.Blood cellsCancer cellsFlow directionCancer cell (image)Computer analysis of image dataThe difference in phase between laser light (A) and laser light transmitted through the blood sample in a flow cell (A') is continuously imaged.(*1) Implemented as part of the “Development of Advanced Measurement and Analysis Systems (SENTAN)” under the FY2016 Medical Research and Development Programs Focused on Technology Transfer of the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED).8


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