Product developmentThin-type mini-spectrometersSpectroscopy is a methodology for chemical analysis that is used in various sectors such as industry, medical care, environment analysis and foods to detect the constituents of materials by examining the kinds or characteristics of light radiated or absorbed by a material. The Company has developed and sells small, portable mini-spectrometers for spectroscopy equipment for use at measurement sites, including sites outdoors, and more recently has developed mini-spectrometers equipped with CMOS image sensors made by the Company that feature the same high degree of sensitivity as CCD image sensors. This product achieves a signi cant reduction in thickness and power consumption, while maintaining a high level of performance. The product can be embedded in spectroscopy devices for use in various applications, including security, analysis of components in foods and other products, and color measurement of LED lighting, etc., and is expected to contribute to industry advancement.High-speed, high-precision X-ray TDI cameraThe Company has developed a new high-speed, high-precision X-ray TDI camera to achieve nondestructive testing. In recent years, 100% inspections are being conducted to ensure the safety and reliability of various products, and improved camera processing speed for nondestructive testing is being demanded. By installing a custom sensor that it manufactures in-house, the Company recently developed an X-ray TDI camera that achieves 2.5 times faster speeds compared with conventional products while maintaining high-sensitivity and high-resolution. The camera also enables ef cient imaging of the items being inspected by supporting two-way readouts, and X-ray tolerance has been improved by optimizing the component parts. The Company will seek to realize even greater performance and introduce the camera into new applications and high-value added products in the future.Thin-type mini-spectrometersNew X-ray TDI camera and an example of the usingX-ray lightsourceX-ray TDI cameraObject9Annual Report 2016


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