Akira HirumaPresident and CEODecember 16, 2016With regard to the business environment surrounding our Group, we acknowledge that the direction of the economy remains unpredictable, clouded by factors that include not only opaque global conditions such as the economic slowdown in newly developing countries and Britain’s exit from the EU, but also concerns of the effects of the ongoing appreciation of the yen on corporate operating performance.Given such circumstances, the range of applications of photonics technology in areas such as medical care and industrial elds is expanding every year, and photonics technology has now become an indispensable fundamental technology for not only the development of state-of-the-art science and technology but also for the improvement of society and people’s lives. On the other hand, many aspects of the essence of light remain to be explored and claried, and we believe the sectors in which light can be applied will expand indenitely, and that the role we will play as the leading global company in photonics technologies will grow more and more in the future.To respond rapidly and accurately to the growing demands on photonics technology in various sectors, our Group will seek to create a sustainable, stable and strong earnings organization in the future, by strengthening the links within the Group’s structure in Japan and overseas and pursuing proactive research and development investment and capital investments to support the development of next-generation products.As a Group, we will concentrate on creating innovations by never forgetting the venture mentality we have cultivated since the Company was established and never being satised with the status quo. We will expand our business domain, and contribute to the development of industry and society while also meeting the expectations of our shareholders, by continuing to provide high-value added products based on our Group’s medium and long-term vision.We look forward to continuing to receive your unwavering support and encouragement in the future.Sincerely, 5Annual Report 2016


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