Product developmentWorld’s smallest high-voltage power supply module with high stabilityBecause of the high voltage required for operation of photomultiplier tubes (PMT), the Company also develops and manufactures various high-voltage power supplies. This includes high-voltage power supply modules, small devices that can step up a voltage of several volts to about 1,000 volts. In addition to PMT, these modules have been adopted for a variety of small measurement instruments, such as simple testing equipment for medical care and airport baggage inspection machines. With the advances in miniaturization of measurement devices in recent years, their application has spread to elds such a sanitation management, medical care, and environmental measurement, and even further miniaturization is being demanded. Given such demand, the Company developed the world’s smallest high-voltage power supply module with high stability, which achieved the same high performance as traditional devices but with less than half the size, by improving the structural design and circuit design and devising a proprietary manufacturing technique. As a high-perfomance, high-voltage power supply module for PMT, this product supports automated mounting processes for the rst time anywhere in the world, enabling customers to greatly shorten working times in their manufacturing processes. Furthermore, by making mass production feasible, these modules also will enable the Company to support future market growth. In the future the Company will pursue the development of even smaller high-voltage power supply modules, and strive to expand their use not only in PMT but in a broad range of applications.Infrared detectors for gas analysisIn infrared detectors that use InAsSb (indium arsenide antimonide) as a material, the Company developed high-speed, high sensitivity infrared detectors that operate at normal temperatures and expand the sensitivity wavelength band from 8 µ m to 11 µ m. This was achieved with the proprietary thin lm crystal growth technology and processing technology cultivated by the Company. As a result, it has become possible to measure substances such as ammonia and ozone that absorb wavelengths in the vicinity of 10 µ m, and together with measurement of air pollutants such as nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide that absorb in the shorter wavelength bands, which has been gaining attention for some time, has made it feasible using only this detector. The Company is one of the few rms in the world producing devices for both light detection and emission in the infrared wavelength band. As devices enabling gas analysis at higher speeds, higher sensitivity, and higher resolution than was feasible in the past, through the combination of these detectors with Company-produced light emission devices possessing oscillation wavelengths in the infrared wavelength band, further growth in demand can be expected.Newly developed high-voltage power supply module (left) and previously marketed high-voltage power supply module (right)Application to ue gas monitorLightsensorLightemitter9Annual Report 2017


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