Contributing to dental care with X-ray image sensorsIn recent dental X-ray diagnosis, digital X-ray imaging that instantly stores the acquired images as electronic data is becoming widely used, because it offers much less radiation than traditional techniques using X-ray lms. Digital X-ray imaging makes use of a compact sensor unit that usually consists of an X-ray image sensor and its drive circuit.X-ray image sensors are applied to “intraoral imaging” that captures images of several teeth by inserting a sensor itself into the mouth of a patient, “panoramic imaging” that displays tomographic images of the whole dental state including the jaw by scanning around the patient’s head, and “2D imaging” such as cephalometric imaging that views the entire skull from the side and front. X-ray image sensors are also used for dental CT imaging that creates 3D images and demand for X-ray imaging is expanding rapidly in Europe, the USA and other countries due to recent progress in dental implant treatment (articial tooth root implants).Hamamatsu Photonics has been designing and developing various types of image sensors for many years. Our image sensors are made of materials such as monocrystalline silicon or special polycrystalline silicon optimized to produce high quality images. We also provide at panel sensors, which are a type of X-ray image sensor having a unique structure in which a scintillator we developed and produce in-house is directly deposited on the sensor surface to achieve higher sensitivity and resolution. Combining our own related technologies in this way makes our image sensors very competitive in performance compared with other competitors’ products, and so allows us to expand our market share both domestically and abroad.We will continuously promote development of state-of-the-art image sensors with vastly improved characteristics and functions to spur rapid progress in X-ray image diagnostic technology including dental X-ray imaging.TOPICSX-ray at panel sensorCMOS area image sensorImaging example10


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