Financial positionCurrent assets increased by JPY 16,325 million (US$ 144,475 thousand) from the year ended September 30, 2016. This mainly reected an increase in cash and deposits of JPY 9,399 million (US$ 83,177 thousand), and an increase in notes and accounts receivable-trade of JPY 5,692 million (US$ 50,373 thousand), respectively. Non-current assets increased by JPY 5,705 million (US$ 50,487 thousand) from the year ended September 30, 2016, this was mainly from an increase in property, plant and equipment of JPY 3,999 million (US$ 35,394 thousand), that resulted from an increase in buildings and structures. Total assets at the scal year-end were JPY 239,331 million (US$ 2,117,977 thousand), up by JPY 22,030 million (US$ 194,962 thousand) from the year ended September 30, 2016. Current liabilities were up by JPY 8,182 million (US$ 72,412 thousand) from the prior scal year-end. Total current liabilities increased because of an increase in current portion of long-term loans payable of JPY 2,975 million (US$ 26,329 thousand) and an increase in income taxes payable of JPY 1,498 million (US$ 13,264 thousand), respectively. Non-current liabilities decreased by JPY 3,993 million (US$ 35,337 thousand) from the previous scal year-end, mainly due to a decrease in long-term loans payable of JPY 3,160 million (US$ 27,972 thousand).Net assets were JPY 187,558 million (US$ 1,659,806 thousand), up by JPY 17,841 million (US$ 157,888 thousand) from the previous scal year-end. This mainly reected an increase in retained earnings of JPY 12,419 million (US$ 109,907 thousand) as a result of reporting prot attributable to owners of parent, and an increase of JPY 4,132 million (US$ 36,567 thousand) as a result of the foreign currency translation adjustment, respectively.Cash owsAt the end of this scal year, cash and cash equivalents stood at JPY 63,385 million (US$ 560,937 thousand), up by JPY 9,790 million (US$ 86,638 thousand) from the year ended September 30, 2016. Cash ows for the scal year ended September 30, 2017 (from October 1, 2016 through September 30, 2017) were as follows.Net cash provided by operating activities during the year was JPY 26,154 million (US$ 231,457 thousand), up by JPY 1,994 million (US$ 17,647 thousand) over the previous year. The increase is mainly generated from an increase in prot before income taxes in the previous scal year, and a decrease in income taxes paid, etc. Net cash used in investing activities was JPY 13,198 million (US$ 116,802 thousand), due mainly to expenditures in acquirement of xed tangible assets, etc. This compares with net cash provided by investing activities in the previous scal year of JPY 4,186 million (US$ 37,051 thousand), increase in cancellation of time deposits for longer than three months, which are not counted as cash, in conjunction with the purchase of treasury shares.Net cash used in nancing activities was JPY 5,707 million (US$ 50,505 thousand), down by JPY 9,706 million (US$ 85,896 thousand) from the previous year, due mainly to a decrease in expenditures for purchase of treasury shares.Capital expendituresCapital expenditures during scal year 2017 totaled JPY 13,572 million (US$ 120,111 thousand), 45.7% or JPY 4,257 million (US$ 37,674 thousand) higher than previous scal year. Major investments were made in new facility for Opto-semiconductor production aimed at boosting the production. Investments were made in expanding and improving manufacturing, research and development facilities. There was no major sale or disposal of material xed assets during this scal year.R&D expenses(¥ billion)Capital expenditures(¥ billion)Total assets/Net Assets02468101412024681012141650200100150250(¥ billion)151617151617151617Total assetsNet assets013Annual Report 2017


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