Akira HirumaPresident and CEODecember 22, 2017With regard to the business environment surrounding our Group, the economy uctuated around a gradual recovery trend, with an increase in capital investment against the backdrop of improved corporate earnings. Nevertheless, the economic outlook remains to be lack of optimism by uncertain circumstances, including the future direction of the economies of newly developing countries and the political trends in Europe and the United States.Given such circumstances, the scope of application for the photonics technologies pursued by our Group can be seen to be expanding on a worldwide scale, and these technologies have become a key enabling technology in the manufacture of state-of-the-art devices in elds such as medicine and industry, improvements in performance, or new technical innovations.Since being established, the Company has honed the core technologies such as photodetectors that drive our business growth, and has responded promptly and exibly to changes and issues in the external environment. In sectors such as the medical and industrial elds, where the pace of change is accelerating, expectations are high that photonics technologies will lead to high-value-added products in the future as well, and our Company is being called upon to possess ever greater capacity to meet these expectations. Together with further strengthening the Group’s domestic and overseas organization to address this growing demand for photonics technologies, the Company will press forward with aggressive research and development investment and capital investments aimed at broadening the scope of application of new applications opened up by the evolution of elemental and photonics technologies.As the Group, we will live up to our shareholders’ expectations, and contribute to the development of industry and society, by expanding our business domain and creating a sustainable, stable and strong earnings organization through the introduction of competitive, high-value-added products to the market, while never forgetting the venture mentality from the Company’s conception.We look forward to continuing to receive your unwavering support and encouragement in the future.Sincerely, 5Annual Report 2017


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