Solid State Division (Opto-semiconductor Segment)The Solid State Division develops and manufactures opto-semiconductors for demanding applications in medical imaging, high-energy physics, and scientic measurement. Products from this division include silicon photodiodes, photo IC components, position sensitive detectors, infrared detectors, image sensors for low-light-level imaging and X-ray imaging, mini-spectrometers, and light emitting devices. In scal year 2017, sales of these products accounted for 46.4% of net sales.Sales of opto-semiconductorsIn opto-semiconductor devices, sales of at panel sensors, which enjoy an excellent reputation for the high performance and superb quality, went up signicantly, mainly in Europe and China, in conjunction with expansion of the dental equipment market. In the industrial eld, sales of Photo ICs and LED increased mainly in domestic market in the FA (Factory Automation) sector for applications such as controls for industrial-use robots and other equipment, and sales of image sensors for semiconductor fabrication and inspection equipment turned in a strong performance as well. As a result, net sales of opto-semiconductors increased.In total, net sales for the Opto-semiconductor business were JPY 60,589 million, up by 9.0% from the previous year.Systems Division (Imaging and Measurement Instruments Segment)The Systems Division develops and manufactures a wide variety of cameras for scientic and industrial applications, as well as specialized instruments for use in elds such as pharmaceutical development, semiconductor manufacturing, X-ray nondestructive inspection, spectrophotometry, and optical communications. In scal year 2017, sales of these products accounted for 13.2% of net sales. Sales of image processing and measurement systemsIn the image processing and measurement systems, failure analysis systems for semiconductor devices were steady overseas, but domestic sales contracted, affected by constraints on semiconductor capital investment. However, sales of X-ray line sensor cameras rose strongly primarily for food inspection applications, partly due to the launch of new longer-life-type products. In addition, new products addressing customers’ needs for digital slide scanners in pathology also contributed to increased sales, particularly in Europe. As a result, net sales of image processing and measurement systems increased.As a result, net sales for the Imaging and Measurement Instruments business were JPY 17,214 million, up by 5.3% from the previous year.Optical encoder modules using a combination of a photo IC and red LED, mainly used for factory automation applicationsNew digital slide scanner “NanoZoomer S60” for pathology research and diagnosis7Annual Report 2017


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