PHOTON FAIR 2018 held in Hamamatsu CityThe PHOTON FAIR 2018 — Hamamatsu Photonics Exhibition was held from November 1 through November 3, 2018.The PHOTON FAIR 2018 theme was What can we do with light? From here in Hamamatsu into the future. In this fair we displayed and demonstrated the latest technologies and products in an easy-to-understand way based on the elds of “AUTOMOTIVE”, “LIFE”, “MEDICAL & LIFE SCIENCE”, “ENVIRONMENT”, “MANUFACTURING” and “SCIENCE & RESEARCH” which are all closely linked to our daily and future lives. We also presented our technological capabilities and future vision as well as some of the innite possibilities of light and photonics technology.During PHOTON FAIR 2018, we had more than 10,000 visitors from domestic and overseas locations, making this the largest turnout ever for the event. They dropped in to talk with us and gave us their impressions. We had a lot of good responses and many inquiries about our products.Infrared image sensor mounted in the “HAYABUSA 2” asteroid explorerFollowing the “HAYABUSA” Japanese spacecraft that returned to Earth in 2010 after successfully completing its observation of the asteroid “Itokawa”, one of our infrared image sensors was again mounted in the “HAYABUSA 2” that has arrived at another asteroid called “Ryugu” and is now conducting observations.The “Ryugu” asteroid is thought likely to contain organic matter and water that existed at the time of the solar system’s formation. Through this mission, we may nd clues to unlock the mystery of how Earth was born and where Earth’s water came from as well as the origin of organic matter that became the raw materials of life.The image sensor mounted in the “HAYABUSA 2” is made from InAs (indium arsenide) compound semiconductor having high sensitivity in the infrared region. It is specically designed to boost sensitivity at water absorption wavelengths in the 3μm spectral band and also to provide the high reliability needed for normal operation and low-noise measurements even in a harsh space environment.TOPICSInAs image sensor mounted in “HAYABUSA 2”Artist’s illustration of “HAYABUSA 2” © Akihiro Ikeshita10


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