Financial positionCurrent assets decreased by JPY 2,863 million (US$ 25,114 thousand) from the year ended September 30, 2017. This mainly reected a decrease in cash and deposits of JPY 9,443 million (US$ 82,838 thousand).Non-current assets increased by JPY 8,798 million (US$ 77,181 thousand) from the year ended September 30, 2017, this was mainly from an increase in Buildings and structures of JPY 5,153 million (US$ 45,203 thousand) and machinery, equipment and vehicles of JPY 7,181 million (US$ 62,996 thousand).Total assets at the scal year-end were JPY 245,267 million (US$ 2,151,465 thousand), up by JPY 5,935 million (US$ 52,066 thousand) from the year ended September 30, 2017. Current liabilities were down by JPY 1,959 million (US$ 17,189 thousand) from the prior scal year-end. Total current liabilities decreased because of a decrease in Notes and accounts payable-trade of JPY 2,731 million (US$ 23,956 thousand).Non-current liabilities increased by JPY 1,467 million (US$ 12,872 thousand) from the previous scal year-end, mainly due to an increase in Net dened benet liability of JPY 367 million (US$ 3,226 thousand) and increase in Deferred tax liabilities of JPY 677 million (US$ 5,942 thousand) respectively. As a result, total liabilities at the scal year-end were JPY 51,281 million (US$ 449,834 thousand), down by JPY 492 million (US$ 4,317 thousand) from the year ended September 30, 2017. Net assets were JPY 193,985 million (US$ 1,701,631 thousand), up by JPY 6,427 million (US$ 56,384 thousand) from the previous scal year-end. This mainly reected an increase in retained earnings of JPY 10,642 million (US$ 93,354 thousand) as a result of reporting prot attributable to owners of parent.Cash owsAt the end of this scal year, cash and cash equivalents stood at JPY 61,824 million (US$ 542,315 thousand), down by JPY 1,561 million (US$ 13,701 thousand) from the year ended September 30, 2017.Cash ows for the scal year ended September 30, 2018 (from October 1, 2017 through September 30, 2018) were as follows. Net cash provided by operating activities during the year was JPY 23,579 million (US$ 206,839 thousand), down by JPY 2,574 million (US$ 22,586 thousand) over the previous year. The decrease is mainly generated from an increase in inventories and a decrease in income taxes (paid) refund. Net cash used in investing activities was JPY 8,880 million (US$ 77,897 thousand), down by JPY 4,318 million (US$ 37,880 thousand) from the previous year, due mainly to Net decrease in time deposits. Net cash used in nancing activities was JPY 16,323 million (US$ 143,187 thousand), up by JPY 10,616 million (US$ 93,125 thousand) from the previous year, due mainly to an increase in expenditures for purchase of treasury shares.Capital expendituresCapital expenditures during scal year 2018 totaled JPY 14,221 million (US$ 124,753 thousand), 4.8% or JPY 649 million (US$ 5,695 thousand) higher than previous scal year. Major investments were made in expanding and improving manufacturing, research and development facilities. Investments were also made in new facility for Opto-semiconductor and Compound semiconductor devices production. There was no major sale or disposal of material xed assets during this scal year.R&D expenses(¥ billion)02468101412161718Capital expenditures(¥ billion)0246810121416161718Total assets/Net assets300250200150100500(¥ billion)161718Total assetsNet assets13Annual Report 2018


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