NOTES TO CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS3. Acquisition price of the acquired company and acquisition cost breakdownAcquisition price:¥ 5,506 million ($48,306 thousand) in cashAcquisition cost:¥ 5,506 million ($48,306 thousand)4. Details and amounts of main acquisition costsAdvisory fees, etc. : ¥122 million ($1,075 thousand)5. Amount, reason, amortization method and period of goodwill recognized(1) Amount of goodwill¥1,555 million($13,641 thousand)(2) Reason for recognitionAs the acquisition cost exceeded the net assets at fair value as of the date of business combination, the difference is recognized as goodwill.(3) Method and period of amortizationStraight-line basis over 10 years6. Assets acquired and liabilities assumed on the date of business combination and their major componentsCurrent assets¥2,627 million ($23,049 thousand)Non-current assets¥3,647 million ($31,999 thousand)Total assets ¥6,275 million ($55,048 thousand)Current liabilities¥1,017 million ($8,926 thousand)Non-current liabilities¥1,306 million ($11,456 thousand)Total liabilities¥2,323 million ($20,383 thousand)7. Amount of major identiable intangible assets other than goodwill, its details, and weighted-average useful lifeMillions of Japanese YenThousands of U.S.DollarsWeighted-Average Useful Life (Years)Customer-related assets¥ 2,875 $ 25,222 10Technology assets4584,0255Trademark2622,300-Total¥ 3,596 $ 31,549-8. Estimated amount of impact on the consolidated statement of income for the scal year ended September 30, 2018 and calculation method assuming that the business combination had been completed at the beginning of the scal yearThe amount and calculation method is omitted due to lack of monetary materiality.This note has not been audited.28


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