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Check displayed panels!

Every five years, Hamamatsu Photonics hosts “PHOTON FAIR”, the company’s private exhibition presenting the company's vision of the future and how photonics technology plays a part in that vision.

In the early November 2018, "PHOTON FAIR 2018" was held near its headquarters in Hamamatsu city, Japan. Over 10,000 attendees were able to learn about and view demos of the most exciting innovations Hamamatsu has been working on.

Now we have launched "Virtual PHOTON FAIR 2018" online.
You can find the displayed products or technologies based on six themes "AUTOMOTIVE", "LIFE", "MEDICAL & LIFE SCIENCE", "ENVIRONMENT", "MANUFACTURING" and "SCIENCE & RESEARCH" with 360-degree panorama view.
Each the exhibition panel displays as a pop-up window, so you too can check in detail.

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How to enjoy Virtual PHOTON FAIR 2018!