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Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT)

Another modern innovation is the advent of slice-based computed tomography using a cone beam type X-ray source. CBCT makes use of a rotating gantry with the X-ray source and a digital flat panel image sensor mounted. The gantry rotates with high precision, synchronized to the image sensor signal capture (integration) and readout. Typically, hundreds of slice images are taken to capture up to 270 rotational degrees perspective of the patient’s head. The slice images are then reconstructed using a tomographic algorithm to produce highly detailed slice perspectives and 3D volumetric images of the patient’s teeth and head. Dental CBCT imaging has become the de facto standard for implant surgery planning as well as many other diagnostic, surgical, and reconstructive dental procedures.

In the early days of dental CBCT, these systems required three separate detectors for pan, ceph and CBCT imaging, making them expensive and complicated machines. In recent years, Hamamatsu has advanced the design of flat panel sensors to an 8th generation product. These sensors are now capable of partial flexible readout modes, making them ideal for panoramic imaging. Cephalometric detectors are now typically offered as an add-on option to such pan/CBCT systems.

dental PAN/CT system concept

Example of dental pan/CBCT system concept.


skeleton heads

Example of dental CBCT images.

Dental CBCT flat panel selection guide

Product No. Application Effective area (cm) Pixel size (μm) Frame rate (fps) Interface Product features
C12903D-40 CBCT 14 x 12 100 60* GigE CMOS type, Direct deposited Csl
C12902D-40 CBCT 15 x 12 120 80* GigE CMOS type, Direct deposited Csl
C14400DK-51 CBCT 16 x 16 120 70* GigE Aa-Si type, Direct deposited Csl
C14401DK-41 CBCT 27 x 22 120 50* GigE Aa-Si type, Direct deposited Csl

*In 2 x 2 binning mode.

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