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Conference: Photodetectors for LiDAR: challenges, trends, and selection criteria

Automotive LiDAR online - Sept 22, 2020

Learn about photodetectors for LiDAR

Presenter: Jake Li, Business Development Manager, Hamamatsu on 9/22 at 11:05 AM ET

Event Information

Event Name Automotive LiDAR Online Conference
Schedule September 22, 2020-September 24, 2020
Venue Virtual
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Upcoming Technology

Evaluation kit for 1D MPPC + ASIC for LiDAR

Evaluation kit


  • Includes hybrid 1D-MPPC and USB 3.0 I/F
  • Data acquisition by PC
  • Built-in clock output pin (Connectable to LD driver C14518)
  • Lens unit mounting hole
  • Power: USB bus power only, external-HV for MPPC


2D MPPC photon counting image sensor

2D MPPC photon counting image sensor


  • 32 x 32 ch back side incidence MPPC array
  • Photon counting 2D imaging
  • 36.4% physical fill-factor and 6% photon detection efficiency
  • Integrated Time-to-Digital-Converter (TDC) on each pixel with 312.5 ps LSB
  • SPI 4-wire serial communication for configuring digtal blocks





  • 32×32 ch 100 μm pitch SPPC array with TSV implementation
  • Single-photon counting 2D images
  • 60% physical fill-factor and 30% peak photon detection efficiency
  • Integrated Time-to-Digital Converter (TDC) on each column with 350 ps LSB
  • SPI 4-wire serial communication for configuring digital blocks

1D SPAD (Gating)



  • High sensitivity and high count rate
  • High speed front-end and timing picking up comparator
  • User defined threshold for the comparator
  • Integrated count rate measurement functions by counter
  • SPI for ASIC configuration

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