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Photonics Spectra Conference 2021, January 19-22, 2021

Presentation: Quantum cascade lasers: theory and applied use for gas monitoring

January 19, 2021, 12 PM EST

Gary Spingarn and Slawomir Piatek will cover the general physical theory of QCLs and distributed feedback structure (DFB), laser performance characteristics, the mechanics of laser spectroscopy, and product requirements for operation. There will also be some discussion on what advantages QCLs bring to gas analysis and market options available to get started.



Gary Spingarn
Product Manager, Hamamatsu


Slawomir Piatek
Ph.D., Hamamatsu Corporation and New Jersey Institute of Technology

Presentation: The low-noise revolution changes the game … again

January 22, 2021, 12 PM EST

In this presentation, Brad Coyle and colleagues explore the new developments in scientific CMOS (sCMOS) camera technology. At the surface, it would seem that cameras simply need to go faster or have more "sensitivity" to improve performance. It is truly the combination of high speed, high quantum efficiency (QE), high uniformity, plus low read noise that make advancements possible. With low read noise as the anchor, these features coalesce to give the ultimate camera performance and produce images with high signal to noise ratio, even in photon-starved conditions. Scientific CMOS have many improvements compared to noisier technologies such as CCDs, and EMCCDs (electron multiplying CCDs). Images that are innately quiet provide the best data for quantitative and computational imaging techniques and pave the way for successful implementation of AI.



Brad Coyle
OEM Camera Product Manager, Hamamatsu

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Event Name Photonics Spectra Conference 2021
Schedule January 19, 2021-January 22, 2021
Venue Virtual
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