Our quantum webinar series is back with a different spin

Hamamatsu Frontier Series: Quantum & Biological Sciences

We are happy to present the 3-part “Hamamatsu Frontier Series: Quantum & Biological Sciences" hosted by SPIE. The series will explore the frontier where the advancements in quantum science and optics could lend a hand in unraveling the complexity of biological science through sensing and imaging. 

After attending these webinars, we hope that you gain a deeper understanding about how advancements in quantum science and optics are being used in biological sciences.

Archived webinars

Part 1

Quantum biology: How nature might be optimized to harness quantum mechanics

Thursday, February 24 at 1 PM EST

Clarice D. Aiello from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) will discuss quantum biology, where accumulating experimental evidence suggests that quantum mechanical effects underlie how organisms function. Quantum biology includes phenomena as varied as magnetic field detection for animal navigation, metabolic and enzymatic regulation in cells, and optimal energy harvesting in photosynthesis. She will review some of the evidence in support of these phenomena, besides discussing proposed underlying biophysical mechanisms and potential implications on human, plant, and environmental biology. She will argue that successful efforts in quantum biology will be contingent on interdisciplinary, multi-scale approaches and close theory-experiment collaboration. 

Part 2

Quantum sensing: Probing biological systems in a new light

March 31, 2022 at 1 PM EST

Peter Maurer from University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering, will discuss the development and application of novel quantum metrological technologies that enable the study of biological systems in a new regime. He will also present how we utilize such sensing techniques to control the temperature profile in living systems with subcellular resolution, and provide an outlook on how quantum sensing and single-molecule biophysics can be utilized to perform NMR spectroscopy. 

Part 3

Quantum microscopy: Transforming bioimaging with quantum light microscopy

Wednesday, April 13 at 4 PM EST

Warwick Bowen from The University of Queensland will introduce quantum light microscopy and its applications in biological imaging. He will provide an overview of how quantum correlations between photons can enable capabilities beyond what is possible with conventional microscopy. These new capabilities offer the potential for transformational advances in imaging and our understanding of biology.