BPS 2023, 67th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting

images from ORCA-Quest

Event Name BPS 2023 | 67th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting
Dates February 19, 2023 - February 21, 2023
Venue San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA | Booth #433
Official site Biophysical Society Annual Meetings

The ORCA-Quest is designed to be low noise. It has a large chip, small pixels, and includes a photon number resolving mode. Visit booth #433 and speak to our experts to learn more about this groundbreaking scientific camera.

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Featured product:

c15550-20up product photo

ORCA-Quest qCMOS camera C15550-20UP

Since the 1980s, Hamamatsu Photonics has continued to develop high-sensitivity, low-noise cameras using its unique camera design technology and has always contributed to the development of cutting-edge scientific and technological research. Now, we are proud to release the ORCA-Quest with ultimate performance.The C15550-20UP is the world's first camera to incorporate the qCMOS image sensor and to be able to resolve the number of photoelectrons using a newly developed dedicated technology. The camera achieves the ultimate in quantitative imaging.