Pittcon Conference & Expo 2023


Event Name Pittcon Conference and Exhibition
Dates March 20, 2023 - March 22, 2023
Venue Pennsylvania Convention Center, PA | Booth #1507
Official site Pittcon Conference and Exposition

Stop by booth 1507 to see a variety of our products including PMTs, MPPCs, MIR detectors, light sources, spectrometers and cameras. These products can be used for a wide range of applications including bioanalysis, life sciences, environmental analysis, food science and pharmaceutical studies. Show us that you are following us on LinkedIn and receive a giveaway while supplies last.

Featured products:

Photosensor module H10721-20

The H10720 and H10721 series are photosensor modules containing a metal package PMT and a high-voltage power supply circuit. The built-in PMT uses a metallic package with the same diameter as a TO-8 metal package used for semiconductor photodetectors. Despite the small size nearly equal to photodiodes, this PMT delivers high gain, wide dynamic range, and high-speed response. Hamamatsu also provides "P" type with low dark count selected for photon counting measurement. The H10720 series are lead pin output type, while the H10721 are flexible cable output type.+15V input type H11900 / H11901 series are available.

2 W xenon flash lamp modules L13651

These lamp modules integrate a 2 W xenon flash lamp with a power supply and trigger socket, and are designed to extract maximum performance from the lamp. The lamp is available in a housing that has the smallest size among lamps of comparable wattage and operates on a 5 V battery to allow assembly into portable analytical instruments.


MEMS-FPI spectroscopic module C15712

This compact module has a built-in light source, control circuit, and MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor consisting of an InGaAs PIN photodiode and MEMS-FPI (Fabry-Perot Interferometer) tunable filter which can vary its transmission wavelength by changing the applied voltage. Spectrum and absorbance can be measured by connecting a PC via USB. The product includes evaluation software with functions for setting measurement conditions, acquiring and saving data, drawing graphs, and so on. Furthermore, the dynamic link library (DLL) function specifications are disclosed, so users can create their original measurement software programs.