rapid + tct

Event Name rapid + tct
Dates May 2, 2023 - May 4, 2023
Venue McCormick Place - West Building, Chicago, IL | Booth #4259
Official site rapid + tct

Stop by booth 4259 to see our Microfocus X-ray sources (MFX) and various X-ray detectors and line scan cameras for nondestructive testing. Our X-ray detectors include single-energy & dual-energy line scan cameras, TDI line scan cameras, X-ray CMOS cameras, and flat panel sensors. We also offer other light sources and detectors.

Featured products:

Microfocus X-ray source L9181-02

Tube voltage : 40 to 130 kV, Maximum output : 39 W, X-ray focal spot size : 5 um, Serial port control : RS-232C

Microfocus X-ray source L12161-07

Tube voltage : 40 to 150 kV, Maximum output : 75 W, X-ray focal spot size : 5 um (at 4 W), Serial port control : RS-232C

c12300-323 product photo

X-ray TDI camera C12300-323

X-ray TDI camera is useful for in-line applications requiring high-speed operation, high sensitivity and high resolution with wide area.C12300-323 is compatible with tube voltages up to a maximum of 180 kV. It can be used for capturing images of metal or other hard substances that require high energy to transmit X-rays through.

Featured application: