SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing

mapping of asbestos cement roof

Mapping of asbestos-cement roof: Spectral information could be used to identify composites, either gas or solid.

Event Name SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing
Dates May 2, 2023 - May 4, 2023
Venue Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center, Orlando, FL | Booth #718
Official site SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing

Visit us at booth 718 to see our latest developments for mid-infrared technologies, InGaAs image sensors, light sources, and ultra low light detectors. Many of today’s needs require reaching longer wavelengths, these products have common use cases in infrared imaging, hyperspectral measurements, spectroscopy, gas analysis, medical imaging, and nuclear/radiation science.

Featured products:

InAsSb photovoltaic detector with preamp P16702-011MN

We have developed a new InAsSb photovoltaic detector with preamp offering high sensitivity to mid-infrared light, up to 11 μm in wavelength. It is an ideal choice for portable gas analyzers, laser monitors, and IR spectrometers.

The H15620 series is NIR-PMT module using a compact NIR-PMT (near infrared photomultiplier tube) developed by our advanced photocathode technology.


The C16090 series is an image sensor module with an InGaAs area image sensor. This product consist of a driver circuit, temperature controller, and high-speed communication controller, etc. It outputs analog video signals from an InGaAs area image sensor as digital output.


This image sensor module is equipped with an InGaAs linear image sensor (G14714-1024DK). This product has sensitivity in the near infrared region of 0.95 to 1.7 µm, and is capable of readout at a high-speed line rate of of 40 klines/s.