Sustainability of Hamamatsu Photonics

Approach to Sustainability

As our stakeholders, we include our business partners, suppliers, employees, shareholders, and local communities. We disseminate to our employees the attitudes we want to take with these stakeholders and disclose them to the public.
This stance is based not only on the company's own efforts to sustainably improve its social activities but also on the company's own development. Rather, we hope to raise the level of society as a whole through collaboration with a large number of stakeholders, thereby increasing our corporate value.
Our products are widely used in industries related to human life, the environment, and safety, as well as in businesses that contribute to the development of social infrastructures through the use of advanced technologies. For this reason, we are responsible for the stable and sustainable supply of our products.
In recent years, issues related to the environment, human rights, labor, fair trade, and BCPs have become increasingly claimed globally. We regard these issues as important matters, and consider and respond to the development of environmentally conscious products, the creation of an environment that protects the human rights of workers and makes it easier to work, and what we can do to eliminate illicit trade. Specific details of these items are disclosed on the Company's website, including figures.
Furthermore, in October 2021, we established the Sustainability Management Committee to deepen the involvement of the Board of Directors in these sustainability-related matters. We will enhance effectiveness by reporting related information to the Board of Directors and disseminating the ideas of the Board of Directors to each committee directly under the Sustainability Management Committee.

Basic Policy of Sustainability

Since our founding in 1953, we have consistently pursued "light" and have made it our basic philosophy to contribute to society and the development of science and technology through world-class manufacturing using optical technology. Aiming to grow as a company that is sound and trusted, we will maintain a high awareness of sustainability and promote business together with all stakeholders.

  1. We will strictly adhere to corporate ethics, comply with relevant laws and regulations, international rules, and the spirit thereof, and respect human rights.
  2. We will conduct ecologically-sound and sustainable business activities, considering and contributing to the environment.
  3. We will respect our employees, support their development, and provide a pleasant and safe work environment.
  4. We will provide safe and high-quality products and services.
  5. We will conduct fair transactions, appropriately manage information, and prevent unauthorized access, information leakage, and unauthorized use.

(Resolution of the Board of Directors on October 22, 2021)

Promotion system

Officer in charge of sustainability

Ken Nozaki(Managing Executive Officer, Chief of Global Management and Planning General Headquarters)


We established the “Sustainability Management Committee” in October 2021.
This Committee promotes a company-wide response under the leadership of the officer in charge as the chairperson. The status of the activities of each committee under the Sustainability Management Committee is reported to the Board of Directors, and the intentions of the Board of Directors are reflected in the activities of each committee.

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