Driver circuit for CMOS image sensor


For CMOS linear image sensors


The C13015-01 is a driver circuit developed for Hamamatsu CMOS linear image sensor S11639-01, etc. By connecting the C13015-01 to a PC through the USB 2.0 interface, you can control the C13015-01 from the PC and acquire 16-bit digital output numeric data converted from the sensor’s analog video signal. The C13015-01 consists of a sensor circuit board that drives the sensor and an interface circuit board that drives the sensor circuit board and performs data communication with the PC. The two circuit boards are connected via a flexible cable. The sensor circuit board is compact, making it easy to be installed in optical systems. The interface circuit board has an external trigger I/O connectors that can be used to synchronize with external devices. This product comes with application software (DcIc-USB) that runs on Microsoft® Windows® 10 (32-bit, 64-bit). It can be used to easily control the C13015-01 from the PC. The product also includes a DLL that the user can use to create original C13015-01 control programs.

-Built-in 16-bit A/D converter
-Compact sensor circuit board: Easy to install in optical systems
-Interface: USB 2.0
-External synchronization capable
-Single power supply: USB bus powered (+5 VDC)


Output USB2.0
Suitable sensor S11639-01, S11639-11, S12706, S13496, S13496-11, S15739-1024, S15739-1024-20, S15796-1024, S15796-1024-20, S15796-2048, S15796-2048-20
Image sensor sold separately

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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