MPPC evaluation circuit


Simple evaluation starter kit for non-cooled MPPC


The C12332-01 is a simple evaluation starter kit for non-cooled MPPC. MPPC evaluation is possible by mounting an MPPC in the socket of the sensor circuit board. Various types of MPPCs can be evaluated. MPPC with flexible cable (for evaluating surface mount type MPPC) can also be connected by using the FFC connector of the power supply circuit board.The power supply circuit board is equipped with the C11204-01, a high-accuracy, high-voltage power supply that provides the operating voltage for MPPC. It operates just by connecting to an external power supply (±5 V). It is also equipped with a USB interface that can be used to set the operating voltage and temperature compensation coefficient from a PC running the supplied sample software.

-Enables the evaluation of non-cooled MPPC
-Sensor circuit board with a socket for mounting an MPPC with leads
-Connection possible to MPPC with flexible cable
-Equipped with a high-accuracy, high-voltage C11204-01 power supply
-Adjustable operating voltage and temperature com-pensation coefficient
- Selectable amplifier usage
-Selectable load resistance 50 Ω or 1 kΩ
-Analog output
Note: MPPC is sold separately.


Cooling Non-cooled
Measurement condition Ta=25 ℃

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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