Micro PMTs

Micro PMTs are the world’s smallest and lightest photomultiplier tubes. We also offer Micro PMT assemblies and modules, which help make sophisticated equipment more compact.

Photocathode lineup

Type Assembly Module Photon counting
Model No. H12400 H14066 H12402 H12403 H12404 H12405 H12406
Output type Current output Voltage output Photon counting
Output method Cable Pin Cable
Effective area (mm) 1 x 3 1 x 4 1 x 3


(300 nm to 650 nm)

H12400-00-01 H14066 H12402 H12403 H12404 H12405 H12406


(300 nm to 850 nm)

H12400-01-01 H14066-01 H12402-01 H12403-01 H12404-01 H12405-01 H12406-01

Extended red multialkali

(300 nm to 920 nm)

H12400-20-01 - H12402-20 H12403-20 H12404-20 H12405-20 H12406-20

Model lineup

Micro PMTs have a simple structure but are not sold separately since their signal output requires careful processing. All micro PMTs are available in an easy-to-use configuration that is selectable from the following three types according to the application.

Micro PMT assembly

Micro PMT assemblies

This type includes a voltage divider circuit to ensure ease-of-use and design flexibility.

Micro PMT module

Micro PMT modules

This is the most widespread standard type and has a built-in high-voltage power supply. The voltage output type also includes an amplifier.

Micro PMT photon counting head

Micro PMT photon counting heads

This type has an internal photon counting circuit.

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