Spectroscopic module


Ultra-compact Raman spectroscopic module


The C13560 spectroscopic module is a ultra-compact Raman spectroscopic module that incorporates a mini-spectrometer, compact optical system, and other Hamamatsu original technologies. The dedicated SERS substrate J13856-01 is used to perform Raman spectroscopy. It is also possible to perform Raman spectroscopy without using the J13856-01. It can be used for simple onsite point-of-care testing (POCT) and other screening tests.



- Built-in laser, spectrometer, and driver circuit
- Ultra-compact and lightweight
- Low power consumption
- High-sensitivity measurements using a SERS substrate

Measurement examples

Raman spectral measurement

This video introduces examples of Raman spectroscopy for solvents and plastic resins using the spectroscopic module C13560. In Raman spectroscopy using SERS substrates, high-sensitivity measurement is possible even with small amounts or low concentrations of measuring substances.


Laser excitation wavelength (typ.) 785 nm
Laser output (typ.) 5, 10, 15 mW
Spectral range 400 to 1850 cm-1
Resolution 10 cm-1
External power supply Not required (USB bus power only)
Size (excluding SERS substrate holder) 80 × 60 × 12.5 mm

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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