Universal streak camera


Supports a wide range of measurements by combining component devices!

The universal streak camera C10910 series incorporates all of the specialized technology and expertise that HAMAMATSU acquired over 40 years of research. The streak tubes are manufactured on a regular production schedule at Hamamatsu to provide consistency and reliability. Special requests and custom designs are also available.

The C10910-01 is S-20(200 nm to 850 nm) model.

Type number C10910-01 *1
Spectral response 200 nm to 850 nm
Sweep unit M10911-01
Temporal resolution <1 ps FWHM (M10911-01) *2 *3
<2 ps FWHM (M10911-03) *2 *3
<1 ps FWHM (M10912-01) *2 *3
<20 ps FWHM (M10913-11) *2 *3
Sweep repetition frequency 74 MHz to 165 MHz (M10911-01)
38 MHz to 74 MHz (M10911-03)
10 kHz (M10912-01)
4 MHz (M10913-11)
Sweep time Approx. 100 ps to 1/6 fs with ORCA®-Flash4.0 V3 (M10911-01) *4
Approx. 200 ps to 1/6 fs with ORCA®-Flash4.0 V3 (M10911-03) *4
0.1 ns to 50 ns with ORCA®-Flash4.0 V3 (M10912-01) *4
1.2 ns to 1 ms with ORCA®-Flash4.0 V3 (M10913-11) *4
Effective photocathode length 0.15 mm × 4.46 mm (when coupled with ORCA®-Flash4.0 V3) *5
Power supply AC 100 V to AC 240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
*1 The vacuum flange compatible body has an F at the end of the model name. e. g. C10910-03F・・・S-20MgF2 Photocathode vacuum flange compatible.
*2 At the center of window at 800 nm wavelength. The figure does not include phase noise of the light source or temporal broadening by a spectrograph. However, when C10910-04 (photocathode S-25) is used for the streak camera body, the temporal resolution is 4 ps FWHM or less.
*3 When M10911-01 (Synchroscan unit) and M16197-800 (Temporal resolution option) are selected, the temporal resolution will be 800 fs or less.
*4 Sweep time at 80 MHz in fs (synchroscan frequency) is 80 ps, 200 ps, 600 ps, 1200 ps, 2083 ps.
*5 Effective photocathode size 0.5 mm × 4.46 mm is available as an option, and photocathode is serective from S-20 or S-20ER. Model number C10910-21 is for S-20, and C10910-25 for S-20ER. Please contact us for more information.


c10910 camera dimensional outline



c10910 power supply dimensional outline

a11350-84 dimensional outline

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