iPHEMOS-MPX Inverted emission microscope


The iPHEMOS, Now Future Proofed

The iPHEMOS-MPX is a high-resolution emission microscope that pinpoints failure locations in semiconductor devices by detecting the weak light emissions and heat emissions caused by defects.


New laser scan system supports from static to dynamic analysis

PHEMOS-X レーザスキャンシステム

Possible to support multiple analyses with one unit. Applicable light sources; 1.3 μm, 1.1 μm, 532 nm

High accuracy stage designed for 5 nm SoC electrical failure analysis


Optical stage with linear scales improves position accuracy.

Semi-auto prober

iPHEMOS-MPX semi-auto prober

Die to die index movement and probing are available by a semi-auto prober with wafer mapping software, which improves analysis efficiency, and save time.

Example of connection to the LSI tester

iPHEMOS-MP example of connection


Dimensions*1/Weights*2 Main unit: 1654 mm (W)×1541 mm (H)×1200 mm (D), Approx. 1100 kg
System rack: 880 mm (W)×1841.5 mm (H)×715 mm (D), Approx. 300 kg
Operation desk*3: 1200 mm (W)×700 mm (H)×700 mm (D), Approx. 45 kg
Line voltage Single phase 200 V to 240 V
Power consumption Approx. 3300 VA
Vacuum 80 kPa or more
Compressed air*4 0.5 MPa to 0.7 MPa

*1: Excluding projecting parts
*2: Include a sample stage
*3: Option
*4: Include a regular                 

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