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Driver circuit for CCD image sensor



For CCD area image sensors (S10420/S14650/S16010 series)

The C11287-01 is a driver circuit developed for Hamamatsu CCD area image sensors S10420/S14650/S16010 series. It consists of a CCD driver circuit, an analog video signal processing circuit (16-bit A/D converter), timing generator, control circuit, and power supply, and convert analog video signals received from a CCD into digital signals and output them. They can be controlled from a PC by connecting them to a PC with the USB connector (USB 2.0) attached to the main unit. The main unit has a BNC connector for external trigger input and a BNC connector for pulse output. In addition, the C11287-01 is compact, lightweight, and easy to handle. The product comes with application software (DCam-USB) that runs on Microsoft® Windows® 10 (64-bit). It can be used to easily operate the C11287-01 from the PC. The product also includes DLLs that the user can use to create original control programs.

-Built-in 16-bit A/D converter
-Adjustable offset
-Adjustable gain
-Interface of computer: USB 2.0
-Power supply: USB bus power

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Output USB 2.0
Suitable sensor S10420-1004-01, S10420-1006-01, S10420-1104-01, S10420-1106-01, S16010-1006, S16010-1106, S14650-1024, S14650-2048
Image sensor sold separately

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)


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