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LIGHTNINGCURE LC-L5G Linear irradiation type UV-LED unit

L13343-1604-033, L13343-2804-033, L13343-3804-033



The GP / GC series has a lean, stylish design aimed at providing versatility via a compact body and thin profile. The GC-113 supports operation of multiple linked units to make it so easy to adapt different production processes. The GC-113 helps suppress equipment investment cost to a minimum since there is no longer any need to switch over or replace production equipment when changing the production lines.
Product lineup offers an irradiation area of 113 mm (W) × 8 mm (D) and wavelengths of 365 nm, 385 nm and 395 nm.
Use commercially available general-purpose power supplies or a power supply available from Hamamatsu.

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  L13343-1604-033 L13343-2804-033 L13343-3804-033 Unit
Irradiation area (*1) 113×8 mm
UV irradiance (*2) [at distance of 0 mm] 7.5 10 10 W/cm2
[at distance of 2 mm] 6 8 8 W/cm2
Wavelength 365 385 395 nm
Light output stability ±10 %/h
LED design life (*3) 20,000 h
Input voltage (DC) 48 V
Power consumption (Max.) 260 W
Cooling method Forced air cooling by fan -
Operating temperature range +5 to +40
Storage temperature range -10 to +60
Operation humidity range 20 to 80 (no condensation)
Storage humidity range Below 80 (no condensation)
External control Irradiation control, light intensity adjustment, Irradiation signal, various error signals -
Dimensions (W×H×D) 113×128×38 mm
Weight Approx. 500 g
Connectable operation Possible -
Multi-unit operation (from one power supply) Possible -
Recommended power supply (*4) Output voltage (DC) 48 V
Output power (Min.) 260 W


*1:Area irradiated at a distance of 2 mm

*2:Maximum UV irradiance within the irradiation area

*3:Average time until the irradiance drops to 70 % of the initial level when operated at 25 °C

*4:When using commercially available power supplies, make sure that they have the recommended specifications.

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