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SC(supercontinuum) light source



The L15077-C7 SC(supercontinuum) light source is a compact laser light source that emits broadband near-infrared laser light generated from nonlinear optical phenomenon induced by an ultrashort pulsed laser. It provides the high directivity and high brightness of a laser along with the broad spectrum of a lamp light source. Compared to other company supercontinuum light sources the L15077-C7 delivers a light output with greater stability to give accurate measurements, analyses and inspections over a diverse range of applications.

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  • High stability: ±0.1 % (Typ.)
  • Broad spectrum: 1300 nm to 2000 nm
  • High brightness: About 20 000 times (compared to halogen lamps)


  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT)
  • Near-infrared spectroscopy
  • Fourier transform near-infrared spectroscopy (FT-NIR)
  • Gas measurement and analysis
  • Semiconductor wafer inspection


Spectral distribution (typ.)

Spectral distribution

Output stability (at 1500 nm)

Output stability (at 1500 nm)

Comparison of output stability

Stability: Below ±0.1 %
Exposure time: 5 ms


Stability: ±2.0 %
Exposure time: 5 ms


Parameter Description / Value Unit
Laser type SC (Supercontinuum) -
Beam mode Single mode -
Laser class 4 -
Polarization Linear -
Oscillation mode Pulse operation -
Repetition rate 50 ± 1 MHz
Spectral distribution 1300 to 2000 nm
Output power 50 mW
Output stability (Typ.) ±0.1 %
Numerical aperture (NA) (Max.) 0.07 -
Fiber output core diameter 10 μm
Fiber output connector FC / APC connector -
Design life 2000 h
Input voltage (AC) 100 V to 240 V, single phase 50 Hz / 60 Hz -
Power consumption (Max.) 80 VA
Cooling method LD Forced air cooling by peltier cooler and fan -
Main unit Forced air cooling by fan -
Operating temperature range +15 to +30 (no condensation)
Storage temperature range -10 to +50 (no condensation)
Operating humidity range 10 to 60 (no condensation) %
Storage humidity range 10 to 60 (no condensation) %
External control Irradiation control, irradiation signal, various error signals -
Applicable standards EMC standards IEC/EN 61326-1   Emission limits: CISPR 11 Group 1 Class B
IEC/EN 61326-1   Immunity requirements: Table 2
Safety standards IEC/EN 61010-1
IEC/EN 60825-1
Environmental standard (RoHS) EN 50581 -

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

Dimensional outline

Dimensional outline

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