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Safety light curtain

A safety light curtain is a safety device used to detect intrusion of people or objects into dangerous areas at the work site.
Hamamatsu offers a lineup of light sources and sensors perfect for safety light curtains.


Recommended products


Infrared LED L14096-0085GL

The L14096-0085GL is an infrared LED available in a surface mount type COB package with lens. Narrow directivity was achieved by adopting a lens.


Infrared LED L12756

The L12756 is an infrared LED encapsulated in a bullet-shaped package. It offers high output power and high-reliability.


Photo IC for optical switch S11049-203DT

This photo IC outputs an analog waveform according to the incident light pulse. It has a high tolerated illuminance of background light, realizing high linearity and low noise.


Light modulation photo IC S10053

It outputs a digital signal according to the incident light pulses. It was developed for optical synchronous detection under background light.

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