CW Laser Diode Bar Module


With their emitting areas arranged in line to make a linear array, LD bar modules achieve high performance, high output power and high reliability when coupled with cooling devices. When stacked, the output power can be as high as a few kilowatts.

Type number L11408-15-940
Type CW Stack Modules
Peak emission wavelength min. 935 nm
Peak emission wavelength typ. 940 nm
Peak emission wavelength max. 945 nm
Output power typ. 1200 W
Spectral radiation half bandwidth typ. 4 nm
Operating current typ. 90 A
Operating voltage typ. < 30 V
Beam spread angle _parallel typ. < 10 °
Beam spread angle _vertical typ. < 40 °
Lasing threshold current typ. 12 A
Stack pitch 1.58 mm
Max. number of stack 32
Operating temperature +15 to +35 ℃
Storage temperature -20 to +55 ℃
Package Multiple Stack Funryu-cooling Type

Radiant output power vs. Operating current (typ.)

Typical emission spectrum

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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