CW Laser Diode Bar Module


This is a compact laser diode (LD) bar module that uses passive cooling with thermal conductivity. High performance, high radiant power, and high reliability have been achieved by our technologies regarding high power LD bars.

Type number L8413-60-940
Type CW Single Bar Modules
Peak emission wavelength min. 935 nm
Peak emission wavelength typ. 940 nm
Peak emission wavelength max. 945 nm
Output power typ. 60 W
Spectral radiation half bandwidth typ. 4 nm
Operating current typ. 61 A
Operating voltage typ. < 2 V
Beam spread angle _parallel typ. < 11 °
Beam spread angle _vertical typ. < 36 °
Lasing threshold current typ. 7 A
Operating temperature + 15 to + 30 ℃
Storage temperature - 20 to + 55 ℃
Package Open Heatsink Type

Radiant power - forward current

Typical emission spectrum

Dimensions (unit: mm)

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