T-SMILS Laser Heating System

L15570 series

This is a laser heating system equipped with a temperature measurement function. Since the processing state depends on the temperature of the processing point, it is effective for high precision and high reproducibility of laser heating process, including plastic welding. In addition, the temperature feedback function of the processing point, which is unprecedented in the case of plastic welding, is equipped.

What is the impact of temperature control on laser plastic welding?

Unlock the art of plastic welding with precision and minimal effort using Hamamatsu’s Temperature Sensing Module Integrated Laser System (T-SMILS). Watch this video to see how you can ensure flawless bonds with absolute temperature control monitoring.  


  • Laser heating while measuring the precise temperature of the processing point (2-color method is applied)
  • Equipped with temperature-targeted laser power feedback control
  • Uniform beam profile (top-hat shape)
  • Easy connection with external equipment (robotics, PCs, etc.), high-FA compatibility, best suited for Industry 4.0, etc.
  • Laser power lineup: 30 W, 75W , 200 W
  • Laser power control programming with up to 5 types, 60000 steps
  • Sample app available for linkage with PC


  • Laser processing
  • Plastic welding
  • Soldering
  • Thermal curing of adhesive
  • Sintering of metal nanoinks
  • Waterproof seal
  • Hardening of metal


Type.no L15570-111 L15570-211 L15570-311
Whole laser heating system Dimensions (W × H × D) Approx. 390 mm × Approx. 360 mm × Approx. 390 mm(excluding protrusions)
Weight 22 kg or less
Guide laser light wavelength 650 nm ±50 nm
Guide laser power 1 mW or less

Light source

(SPOLD LD irradiation

light source)

Laser output power 30 W(min)  75 W(min) 200 W(min)
Oscillation type CW
Peak emission wavelength (25 °C) 940 nm ±20 nm
Cooling method Air cooling Water cooling
Laser transmission optical fiber Fiber length Approx. 5 (length excluding fiber inside of the laser light source: approx. 4.5)
Irradiation unit Spot size φ0.8 mm to φ6.4 mm (depends on irradiation optics)
Temperature measurement Measurement method Two-color radiation thermometer with optical fiber
Temperature measurement range 200 ℃ to 650 ℃
Communication standard Protocol Ethernet:TCP/IP

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