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Optical components

Compact units containing optical components such as bandpass filters and dichroic mirrors. Designed specifically for low light level measurements that use PMT modules and high-sensitivity cameras. Can be combined in different configurations. A full system can be built by combining these blocks with a light source and detector. For example, a low cost fluorescence or confocal microscope can be built by combining a laser, optical blocks, and microscope objective lenses.

Optical devices comprised of a bundle of micron-sized optical fibers. Used as a lens to transmit light or an image with high efficiency and low distortion. Ideal when designing and building compact optical devices.

FAC lenses collimate diverging light from a semiconductor laser into a narrow beam with a radiation angle of several milliradians (mrad) or less, to allow efficient use of light.

Capillary lenses collimate x-rays using total reflection. They consist of a bundle of numerous hollow glass capillaries formed into a cylindrical shape with one end gently tapered.

Circular or square glass plates ranging from 0.4 to several dozen millimeters thick with fine glass tubing (capillaries) regularly arranged in a two-dimensional array. Excellent linearity, high precision, and selectable directivity.

Quartz glass flow cells and cuvettes manufactured using our experience and established glass processing technology. We also provide custom-made products.

Image splitting optics provide one pair of dual wavelength images to cameras.

Electromagnetically driven mirrors that incorporate our unique micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology. They offer a wide optical deflection angle, high mirror reflectivity, and low power consumption.

The surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) substrate enhances the Raman scattering light from molecules, making high-sensitivity Raman spectroscopic analysis possible.

Hamamatsu offers ionization-assisting substrates called DIUTHAME that support ionization in mass spectrometry in place of matrix that is currently used for MALDI (matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization) and also eliminate the cumbersome sample pretreatment process.

This is a Fresnel rhomb wave plate for controlling terahertz wave polarization.

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