Applied products of semiconductor laser Applied products of semiconductor laser

Applied products of semiconductor lasers

Semiconductor laser products ideal for thermal processing applications.

The lower price due to higher output power of semiconductor lasers has expanded the application of laser processing. However, there is still anxiety about reliability and quality control, which block dissemination of laser processing. Hamamatsu Photonics believes that to understand the process for stable laser processing is essential to eliminate such anxiety and focuses on visual control of the processing. Hamamatsu Photonics offers various kinds of semiconductor laser applied products which can be used in wide range of application from R&D to production site.

Weld, Solder, Cure or Sinter with SPOLD® LD irradiation light source

Application to laser sintering of conductive inks

Select from applications

Laser heating system L16470-111/241

This model has an optimized optics for soldering.

Laser heating system L16480-112/-344

This model is ideal for local and wide-area heat curing as a heat source for thermosetting adhesives.

Laser heating system L16490-343

This model has an optics optimised for plastic welding using the transmission welding method.

Direct diode laser(DDL)

This model has a beam profile that enables uniform hardening.

Direct diode laser(DDL)

This model has a low thermal effect on the base material and allows thin cladding.

SPOLD®LD irradiation light source

This model can be used for laser sealing with frit glass.

SPOLD®LD irradiation light source L13920-711

This model is built with line-beam optics for a wide range of patterns.

Direct diode laser(DDL)

High power model for welding, capable of heat conduction type welding.

Select by usage situation


This model enables experiments while checking the processing temperature in real time.

Manufacturing process

SPOLD® built-in process monitor

This model combines processing laser and temperature monitoring in a single fibre.

SPOLD®LD irradiation light source

This model is capable of local heating to the targeted spot with a uniform laser beamprofile.

Direct diode laser(DDL)

This is a high power model with no fiber output loss. It is easy to construct as a light source for industrial robots, etc., because there is no concern about twisting of fibers.

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