Applied products of semiconductor laser Applied products of semiconductor laser

Applied products of semiconductor lasers

Semiconductor laser products ideal for thermal processing applications.

The lower price due to higher output power of semiconductor lasers has expanded the application of laser processing. However, there is still anxiety about reliability and quality control, which block dissemination of laser processing. Hamamatsu Photonics believes that to understand the process for stable laser processing is essential to eliminate such anxiety and focuses on visual control of the processing. Hamamatsu Photonics offers various kinds of semiconductor laser applied products which can be used in wide range of application from R&D to production site.

Model selection

This is a laser heating system equipped with a temperature measurement function. It is effective for high precision and high reproducibility of laser heating process.

Compact laser light source unit consisting of a fiber output LD module and Peltier cooling device. Users can select a unit that emits light at the desired beam diameter and beam profile.

The bult-in monitoring function allows “visualization” of laser processing that is deal for setting processing conditions and for checking reproducibility.

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