MEMS confocal unit MEMS confocal unit

MEMS confocal unit

Simply attach this MEMS confocal unit to an inverted microscope and enable confocal fluorescence imaging. The MAICO line-up offers three variations with different wavelengths and sensitivities depending on your requirements.

A confocal fluorescence unit installed on your own microscope

MAICO® MEMS confocal unit is easily installed on your inverted microscope to achieve confocal fluorescence imaging. This compact, bench-top unit does not require any other devices such as cameras, filters or lasers to function.


As an entry-level model, or as a sub-model of a high-end confocal fluorescence microscope, MAICO makes confocal fluorescence imaging more accessible.

MEMS confocal unit Product overview 1

Connecting to a microscope

MEMS confocal unit Product overview 2

MAICO® is mounted via a side port of the inverted microscope with a C-mount TV adapter.

MAICO®'s superior features, including its subunit structure, are introduced here.

MAICO® enables imaging with reduced bleed-through between wavelengths, which is an issue in multi-wavelength simultaneous observation. We will introduce how we have achieved a reduction of bleed-through.

The MAICO line-up includes units with different wavelengths and sensitivities.

Explanation of the principles of a confocal microscope, which enables you to acquire an image that is less blurry, higher contrast, and higher resolution.

Imaging example videos of MAICO.

Frequently asked questions about MAICO® are listed here.

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