UVtron UVtron

UV & flame sensors

UVTRON® are UV ON/OFF detectors that can quickly detect a flame’s weak UV emission from a distance, making them suitable for flame detectors and fire alarms. They have a narrow spectral sensitivity from 185 nm to 300 nm and are completely insensitive to visible light. They make it possible to design a high-sensitivity, quick-response UV detection system with simple circuitry.

Optical power meters designed to measure absolute power of UV light.

Photo IC sensors designed specifically for flame detection (flame eye) in oil-fired hot water boilers and heaters. Since they don’t use conventional CdS cells, these products are RoHS compliant.

Low-cost sensors that generate thermoelectromotive force in proportion to the energy level of incident infrared light. Concentration of various types of gases can be measured by attaching a band-pass filter to thermopile detectors.

InAsSb photovoltaic detectors deliver high sensitivity within 5 μm, 8 μm, and 11 μm.

16, 46 element array capable of detecting up to 5 μm band.

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