apd_avalanche_photodiode apd_avalanche_photodiode

Avalanche photodiodes (APDs)

APDs are photodiodes with internal gain produced by the application of a reverse voltage. They have a higher signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) than PIN photodiodes, as well as fast time response, low dark current, and high sensitivity. Spectral response range is typically within 200 to 1150 nm.

Silicon APDs provide high sensitivity ranging from UV to NIR for low light detection at high speeds.

Silicon APD array is a sensor with multiple Si APD arranged in a single package.

Devices that integrate a photosensor, such as a photodiode or avalanche photodiode (APD), and front-end integrated circuit (IC) that reads the signals from the photosensor. Suitable for rangefinders.

InGaAs APDs provide high near-infrared sensitivity for low light detection at high speeds.

Our modules take the complexity out of operating an APD with a low-noise amplifier circuit, high voltage power supply, and temperature compensation circuit integrated into a compact solution.

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