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Infrared detectors

Sensors and modules for infrared light detection.

InGaAs photodiodes for near-infrared light detection. Features include high speed, high sensitivity, low noise, and spectral responses ranging from 0.5 μm to 2.6 μm.

These are compact optical devices that integrate an InGaAs photodiode and IC. Signal from a photodiode that receives near infrared light is output digitally through an I2C interface.

InGaAs linear arrays and segmented-type photodiodes.

InGaAs APDs provide high near-infrared sensitivity for low light detection at high speeds.

High-speed, low-noise infrared detectors capable of detecting infrared light up to approximately 3.5 μm.

High-speed, low-noise infrared detectors that deliver high sensitivity in the atmospheric window between 3 - 5 μm. Infrared light in the 5 μm band can be detected with peak sensitivity and high response speed.

InAsSb photovoltaic detectors deliver high sensitivity within 5 μm, 8 μm, and 11 μm.

16, 46 element array capable of detecting up to 5 μm band.

Type II superlattice infrared detector with a sensitivity up extended to 14 μm band using Hamamatsu unique crystal growth technology and process technology.

Ultrafast mid-infrared photodetector with a response bandwidth of over 20 GHz.

Low-cost sensors that generate thermoelectromotive force in proportion to the energy level of incident infrared light. Concentration of various types of gases can be measured by attaching a band-pass filter to thermopile detectors.

Detectors with one sensor is mounted over a second sensor along the same optical axis, in order to provide a broad spectral response range.

Compact modules containing an infrared detector and a preamplifier. Thermoelectric and liquid nitrogen cooling is available for applications requiring low noise.

Modules for infrared detection.

Amplifiers, temperature controllers, and heat sinks.

Lineup document "Devices for Gas Measurement"

Suitable light sources, detectors, and applications for each optical gas measurement method are introduced.

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