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Imaging examples | MEMS confocal unit

4-color live cell confocal Z-section imaging

MAICO® can clearly observe the structure of Nucleus, Mitochondria, Plasma membrane and F-actin.

High speed confocal intracellular Ca2+ imaging of cardiomyocytes

MAICO® can observe the movement of myocardial pulsation and high-speed calcium ion dynamics with high time resolution.

Z-section imaging of mouse brain

Optical section images were obtained with good resolution from thick mouse brain samples. It is clear that the pyramidal cells and the axons that extend from them form a layered structure.

Overview and concept of MAICO.

MAICO®'s superior features, including its subunit structure, are introduced here.

MAICO® enables imaging with reduced bleed-through between wavelengths, which is an issue in multi-wavelength simultaneous observation. We will introduce how we have achieved a reduction of bleed-through.

The MAICO line-up includes units with different wavelengths and sensitivities.

Explanation of the principle of a confocal microscope, which enables you to acquire an image that is less blurry, higher contrast, and higher resolution.

Frequently asked questions about MAICO® are listed here.

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