Light distribution measurement system


The emission of devices like organic LEDs or other light sources varies strongly with the viewing angle. For proper characterization of such samples it is therefore necessary to measure brightness, chromaticity and the emission spectrum for different detection angles. Hamamatsus C9920-11 Light distribution characteristics measurement system meets these needs by using a rotating stage as sample mount and a highly sensitive detector.


Type numberC9920-11
Rotating stageMinimum angle setting 1°
Angle setting range0 ° to +80 °, -80 ° to +80 °
Minimum step setting1 °
Resolution0.1 ° or less
DetectorBT (back thinned) cooled CCD
Cooling temperature (CCD)-15 ℃
No. of photosensitive device channels1024 ch
Wavelength measurement range380 nm to 780 nm (detector: 200 nm to 950 nm)
Fiber probe1.5 m
Measurement spot size200 μm
Range for brightness measurements10 cd/m2 to 10 000 cd/m2

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